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How Hey! Food is Ready Works

Step 1

Browse different cuisines from our home cooks and place your order from our home cooks at least 24 hours in advance.

Step 2

Our passionate home cooks will buy fresh ingredients and prepare delicious meals for you based on your requirements.

Step 3

Pick up your food from our home cooks at your convenience or we will deliver it to your doorstep at the time you set. Enjoy your meals ♡

Discover Our Extraordinary Home Cooks

Check our fabulous home cooks and their mouth-watering dishes.

Why Order from Us?

Authentic Taste

Our home cooks are from diverse cultural backgrounds and we are aiming to bring the most authentic taste to your meal.

Affordable Price

We believe that delicious food does not usually cost an expensive price, we are aiming to provide you with amazing food at an affordable price.

Homemade with Love

Every meal you order from Hey! Food is Ready is homemade and filled with our home cook’s passion and love.

What our customers say about us..

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Food Safety:

Based on the market research, 31% of people think the biggest concern from ordering homemade food is Food Hygiene. 

Therefore, Food Hygiene is always our top priority. Before you place the order, we would let you know:

  • All of our home cooks passed the industry-standard food hygiene tests and held a hygiene certificate Level 2 or more.
  • All of our home cooks have achieved a 4 or 5 food hygiene rating issued by the local authority.
  • All the food you will order here is fully protected by our Product Liability Insurance.

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