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Why Order From Us?

Authentic Taste

Our home cooks bring to the table a culturally diverse range of flavours from across the world.

Support small businesses

We support anyone who loves cooking to generate a meaningful income and share their native cuisine, culture, and stories with the wider community.

Homemade with Love

Every meal you order from Hey! Food is Ready is homemade and comes from the heart.

Food Safety

Food hygiene is always our top priority. 

We make sure that:

  • All of our home cooks pass the industry standard food hygiene tests and hold a hygiene certificate of Level 2 or more.
  • All of our home cooks have achieved a 4 or 5 food hygiene rating issued by their local authority. If they are still in the process of obtaining this, you will find the sign ‘awaiting inspection’.
  • All of our home cooks have gone through the food standards agency’s food allergy and intolerance online training.
  • All of our meals are fully protected by product liability insurance.

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